Well, No Sh*t

So, normally I try not state a really hard opinion ’cause most likely it will come back to bite me in the a** but, in this moment I have to share my opinion about this. All I can say is REALLY?!

REALLY CNN?!?! If any of you have the CNN app like I do and was scrolling through it today then you just might have seen the same article I did. It’s an article with the title and I quote, “Fried Potatoes linked to ‘higher risk of death”. REALLY!? Who didn’t know this?! Who didn’t realize this simple fact. Every kid and I do mean every kid, at so point has been told they need to eat their veggies and they come back saying french fries are a veggie because it’s a potato. To which every single parent responds no it’s not, because it’s fried. I know for a fact that I can’t be the only who knew this information.

Also on a side note what scientist decided we should restudy this information. I’m not dietitian or scientist but even I can tell ya that eating a food thats been dropped in 300 degree oil and coated in salt probably isn’t the best thing for your arteries.



Another One Bites The Dust 

I feel like I should take a bow while studdering over the words “Well That’s All Folks” because at this point I feel like my life is a series of comic strips and cartoon that just can’t be real. 

As today draws to a close as well as the door to yet a another botched first meeting with a potential mate I have to look back and wonder just where I could’ve gone wrong. Let’s recap. 

Ofcourse we could start with the one night stand (not my proudest moment) that stole my tv remote. Because he’s like a serial one night stander and that’s how he remembers his “victims”. Or well, that’s the explanation I came up with. 

There’s the one who lied about his age and his height. If I say I’m 5’6 please don’t say you’re 6’0 then arrive shorter than me. I will realize you’re lying. 

Or the one that went out, partied, got drunk, excuse me plastered, slept through our supposed date, rescheduled then slept through that one and eventually took me to Starbucks at 9pm when they closed an hour later. 

*update on this one he has now reappeared after not talking for several months. Motive still yet not known.*

There’s the blind dog and the sob story that I couldn’t help but fall for. But when he talks to you like he does his dog it gets a little to weird. 

There’s funny and shy guy who is sweet and caring but couldn’t “handle me”. 

The one who laughed like Seth Rogen. And I do mean exactly like him. 

The one who is still talking, still caring and is the nicest guy alive but just no spark. 

The one who was in fact an exact replica of my ex (personality wise) and with one phone call had me in tears and feeling like crap again. 

The one who just couldn’t figure things out. And blew me off 4 times then after a week of not talking sent me a dick pic and a note saying, “Good luck on finals”. 

The one who was shorter louder and ruder than ever expected. 

The clingy obsessive. I need you. I want you. You’re the love of my life. 

So obviously I’m doing great. But the few I leave out, the ones who have indeed touched my heart the ones who even if nothing else I call a friend. I keep you as reminder that maybe there is actaul hope for finding the right path someday. 


Somebody recently asked me, “What do you want?” And as my mind was focused on something else I just instinctively said “more”. Not realizing how accurate that was for my life this person continued on with the conversation, not thinking much of it. But I was now completely consumed in this thought. The thought that a single word could sum up my thoughts, hopes, and dreams so precisely. 

I want more life. I want more adventure, love, memories, wisdom, inspiration (and yes, food). I’m never content with just what’s simply in front of me. There’s always something more to understand, to think, to do, to wish for. I didn’t like where this was going. Was I greedy for always wanting more? The answer is one that, like so many others, is dependent upon the circumstance. Always wanting more good to be done in world certainly doesn’t make me feel greedy. But wanting more “career” wanting more money to travel more and buy more. Well that kinda makes me feel a little greedy. 

I told this to a different friend a few days later and he said something that changed my thought on it. “You’re allowed to want more for yourself. Simply being content means being stagnant and not growing or moving or looking towards the future and that’s never acceptable.” 

So loud and proud here it is. 

I want more. 
And you can quote me on that. 

Take A Tour!

Hi Everybody and Welcome to the First Tour of a College Students Brain:

It is an completely open tour meaning you can explore as you please but let me give you a quick over view of what each room/area holds and any warnings that go along with it.

To the back right is childhood memories and long term memories. This includes childhood toys, finger paintings, giggle attacks, Disney songs, Pokemon card stats, and the occasional deep thought. But word to the wise if you stay to long a sense of nostalgia may make you want to “stop adulting” and take a nap or even revert back to childhood itself. And folks theres nothing like seeing a grown man cry at an animated movie but lets not see it here.


To the back left you have Education Academy, it contains all the books that a college student has read and had to study from. Education Academy also contains the random fun, quirky, and strange facts that a college student remembers if you would like to avoid any of these facts being transferred to you we suggest you not open any of the books in the Education Academy. The last person to open a book couldn’t stop reciting The Preamble of The Constitution and had to be hospitalized.


On the back wall is the college students schedule you will notice that a mass majority of it is spent in classrooms and studying very rarely does a college student sleep due to the constant pressure to be better than the others around them. Warning though, trying to figure out how the student understands the schedule will only make you feel stressed and rushed for time.


In the center here you will see the Emotion Report Center, it is where all the emotional analysis happens. So it takes in everything going on and with some simple math decides what emotion a college student should be feeling. We do have system errors with the computer occasionally, many believe this is due to the fact that the college students brain is female. This is wrong however and it should be noted that all college students experience emotional analysis difficulties.giphy

In the front right room you will find creativity. This is where music, art, dancing, and new or strange thoughts occur. The creativity room is full of color and excitement, it can also be a bit messy so we do ask that you be careful where you step.We do have an interactive exhibit in the creativity room, you can paint on the walls and watch your paintings come to life. But we do ask you that since this is a family tour you keep it PG.

giphybbTo the exact opposite of the creativity room is the room of logic. There is a time limit for how long you may spend in the room of logic. The all white walls and ever changing thought can drive you to the point of sickness. Now, fun fact, every college students logic room and creativity room is a different size, shape, and color. We believe this is due to the fact that some students are more creative and some are more logical.


We do ask that everybody take a moment to stop and look up into the ceiling, this where a college students desire, drive, and aspirations are held. You will notice it is an ever changing, expanding and growing mass of color. It has often been referred to as the fastest growing desire center out of all current living generations. Please note that the reason we only let you look at the celling is because it is absolutely consuming and gives each college student their own desires and wants and we wouldn’t want any copies being made. We all saw Santa Clause 2 and how that worked out.


Alrighty folks, well enjoy the tour and please fell free to ask me questions at any time!


Be an Adult


When we were kids all we wanted to do was be adults. Now as we become adults we want nothing more than to live as kids again. 

I don’t want to be a kid. I want to be an adult! Because as an adult I can think for myself. Yes, it sucks sometimes. Yes, I have to work to support myself. Yes, I have to deal with the consequences of my actions. Yes, I have to do things that I don’t want to do. 

I do those things so that when I get home at the end of the day I feel proud of what I’ve done. I do those things because I want to be an adult, not a large child. I do those things because I am responsible and forging m
y path. 

I am tired of seeing shirts and post about “I don’t want to adult today” or “I want to be a mermaid”. STOP SLACKING! I understand not wanting to do something, but that’s what makes you an adult. YOU DO IT ANYWAY! Stop demanding respect and for people to view you as an adult, and just prove that you are one. Wake up before 9am, learn how to cook something more than ramen, go to class and work, do something with your life. Forge your path no matter what that may be. That doesn’t mean your path is laying in bed and watching Netflix because your parents pay rent. it means do something with your life. When you talk about what you’re doing in life you should be proud of it, if you shy away from questions about your life then you aren’t living it fully or correctly.

Not all hope is lost though, life is about learning how to be an adult and crossing each bridge as you come to it. Most importantly learn all that you can in any situation. Learn from your mistakes, learn how to shake a hand and learn how to handle life to the best of your ability each day. Never be afraid to say “you’re sorry” or “I love you”.