Tribute To A Solider

Hello Y’all!

With it being Veteran’s Day I decided to not only share a little bit about my personal story but also the idea behind Veteran’s Day (‘cause lets be real, do you know how it stared?).  But first let me get the important part of this whole thing done, that way if you want to stop reading after this you can feel better about only going this far and, I can at least hope you got this far.

If you are currently overseas, THANK YOU for your service, bravery, heroism and all that you do. If you are a family member back at home THANK YOU for all the support, love, time, and effort you give to those serving. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! (If you haven’t noticed my pride in the ole US of A is REALLY strong and its due to our troops and those who support them.

Any who back to the full post. So I decided to look up the history of Veteran’s Day and thanks to Google and the website here’s what I found. The day of November 11 was chosen because the armistice (an agreement made by opposing sides in a war to stop fighting for a certain time; a truce.) of World War I happened on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month…weird coincidence to happen but it is what ever floats your boat. Anyway, the day and time stuck and in 1919 President Wilson proclaimed “November 11 as the first commemoration of Armistice Day”. It went on to become a national holiday on May 13, 1938. Then from there it got changed and moved and rewritten a lot because politicians couldn’t make up their minds. Long story short it wasn’t just created to honor the fallen it was created to honor all soldiers all around the world with a day of peace and understanding that started way back in the first World War. If you would like the to read the full article, it’s really interesting I truly enjoyed it. here is the link: History of Veteran’s Day .  There’s your history lesson kids now on to my personal story of Veteran’s.

The reality of war is something completely different till it knocks on your door. That knock for me was my older sister, SGT Jennifer Williams. She signed her contract when she was 17 years old, and is now currently over-seas keeping us safe and fighting for our freedoms. To say me and my sister have always been close would be a lie. If you have sister you know there is always fighting, especially as you are growing up. And God bless our mother because Jennifer and I could dish it out like nobody’s business. We would fight about air if we got the chance growing up. And I never realized how that had effected my view of her as I got older. I no longer saw someone to try to understand I saw someone that didn’t “understand” me (well, teenage me, none the less a very selfish stance). It wasn’t until about 2 years ago when we got into an abnormally large fight, when I was asked the question of why did I have such an issue with her. I was stunned that my answer was I don’t know. I didn’t have an answer, it wasn’t that I ever hated her, or wanted anything bad to happen. I loved her and would do anything in the world for her but I didn’t know why I couldn’t get along with her. Eventually I walked out to where she was sitting after that fight and we talked and talked and I started to understand that my views of my sister weren’t real, they were things and ideas I had made up in my head when I was younger because how could any one “understand me” *please read in over dramatic teenager voice* and I created those ideas so that I would always push her away and always have something to make us different. All she wanted to do was be apart of her younger sister’s life and be apart of me growing up and getting older. After that day I started trying to repair that relationship and really tried to work on seeing my sister and not the visions I had created. And, in fear of being told, I told you so from my mom, I love getting to know my sister and being able to share things with her. Sometimes I wish we had that time from growing up back but we are certainly making up for it now. I love my sister more than words could even begin to comprehend. I always have and always will, but now I get to let that love show and grow (That’s probably the cheesiest thing I’ve ever written). We get to talk about life and boys and nails, all the things we’ve should’ve been talking about instead of fighting. She is someone that I look up to in so many ways. It may have taken a few years, lots of tears and several really loud conversations but we are getting there.

She even surprised me at my graduation. Which she promised from day one that she would never miss.

The oh-so traditional grad photo!
The oh-so traditional grad photo!
My cap was decorated to honor her.
My cap was decorated to honor her.

Video of Her Surprising Me!

To sum up:

I love you Jen-Jen, and I can’t wait for you to come back home!

Happy Veteran’s Day!

Welcome Letter

Welcome All,

I have to be honest straight out of the gates, this isn’t my first blog. In fact, I think this is number three, but this is the first time I have an idea of what I want it to be. The other so-called “blogs” I’ve done before have always been truly kind of boring… But I believe this one will be different. I have too much entertainment in my life to not have a blog. At this point I have so many stories and ideas I have to get them out there in the world. And let’s be honest who doesn’t love reading about a college student trying to be an adult and all the crazy things I do.

I currently live and attend a private university in the flat, dry state of Oklahoma where I’m studying to be a Stage Manager. So basically I really like to hear myself speak and be really organized. I have a wonderful roommate who just allowed us to move because she got what is called a “comfort animal”. She got us a cat, who I love dearly and is currently sticking her incredibly sharp claws in to my leg…who would’ve thought a five-pound cat could cause so much pain (but I love her still)!

I am the youngest of three daughters and the mother of a four-legged baby by the name of Cinnamon (the furry on in the photo). My oldest sister is in Houston with her 2 kids and husband. They are truly the cutest family in the whole world. My middle sister is currently over in Afghanistan protecting our freedoms and still maintaining a smile and fabulous sense of humor. My mom is a saint, she has raised 3 strong-headed and independent girls all by herself with out ever faltering. And that being said we (my sister and I) get ourselves into some interesting and sticky situations, that she has had to pull us out of.

Anyway, I have always said that I am the living embodiment of Pinterest (hence the tagline) but with that being said I’m also the living embodiment of those FAIL pictures of when people try to recreate things off Pinterest and it goes terribly wrong. Either way it should be fun! I love trying new things and sharing experiences with everyone.