New Years Resolution

Ok so…I am starting a little late this year, but starting is none the less starting. So 2016 shall be the year of the healthier, stronger, better, awesomer me. ‘Cause I’ve never said that before. But hopefully with this and a new personal determination I will succeed. Now, instead of making outlandish goals that I won’t live up to I’m being smart and leaving my full new years resolution as “Being A Better Me”. With that being said motivation is KEY so, I am creating a motivation wall.

By the way these aren’t mine, these are just inspiration. I will be posting how, who, what and where mine are and include later.  I should say I’m not trying to lose weight I’m trying to build muscle burn fat and be a nicer person. I’m keeping this post short and will be creating a WHOLE page on the different things I’m doing in 2016. Stay Tuned!!!




No, it’s not a post about Chicago or how much I love the musical it’s about this great ice cream shop in Oklahoma City called Roxy’s.


All of there ice cream is organic and super natural. They have a very simple menu with only a couple of regular flavor and a few that rotate depending on seasons.


They have a true love for doing this! Don’t believe me just watch this: Vimeo Video on Roxy’s .  By the way this is Roxy.


Yep, they named it after their four-legged baby. Now, if that doesn’t make it perfect, then can make one of the meanest ice cream sandwiches you have ever eaten to change your mind.

As well as they make it extremely easy for you to get fat because they do indeed have a truck.


If you are anywhere near Roxy’s please go and support this wonderful local love of mine here in OKC. Here is the website and the address is:

1732 NW 16th ST. SUITE B, 73106

Sunday-Thursday 12:00-9:00

Friday & Saturday 12:00-10:00

And if you want to constantly make your mouth water by looking at photos of the ice cream you can follow them on Instagram @roxysicecream

If you were wondering what happens when you go to Roxy’s you get this lovely face from your AMAZING roommates! Thanks again Lauren and Minah for being my models!!