Tuesday Truths

Today’s post is about more than just speaking out. Today’s post is about more than reacting. This is about more than one action from one event due to a few bad eggs. Today’s post is about understanding.


Understanding is the keystone on which all human kind, is founded upon. I’m not just talking about understanding others. I’m talking about understanding thoughts I’m talking about understanding actions, feelings, words, emotions, things that on a day-to-day basis we forget about. We forget about understanding people and where they come from. We talk about walking a mile in somebody else’s shoes but yet we don’t ever take the time to take off our own. How is it that in a world with so much technology and so many things about gay rights, and rights for women, and equality for everyone that we still are creating massive crimes fueled by hate? More so than we ever did back when it was unacceptable to call any of these things.


The honest truth is if we keep up these actions the hate crimes, the pain, the suffering, the acting out because we think we are entitled to something on the earth we’re going to end our species. When we were given this life to breathe, whether you believe in God or not, you weren’t promised anything. You have to work for things in life and we forgotten that. We’ve gotten used to being able to go to McDonald’s and be through in five minutes and if not we think we’ve been done wrong. Oh, and heaven for bid the person do something wrong on the other end of the line because if that happens all hell would break loose. We’ve all been there we’ve all done it we’ve all been standing in line and sighing and moaning and grumbling on about the fact that we’re not getting to through the line faster because we have places to go and we have people to see. We’ve all been there and that’s okay. We just have to understand that we can’t do it anymore. The honest truth is we shouldn’t be like that. With how America or even the world is changing about excepting people and being honest and being open why is it that we are still fighting? Why is it that we have yet to reach peace?


To the victims of Orlando: I’m so sorry that you were the result of a single persons mistake and action against and entire group of people who have done no wrong. To the families, friends, and loved ones of the Orlando shooting victims: I will never know the pain that you are feeling. I hope most people haven’t and I hope that you never have to again. I know the word pain doesn’t even begin to describe what you are feeling right now but please understand me when I say we are here for you. To the rest of the country, the lucky ones, who were able to say “I love you” again to your family and friends: Here is your opportunity to reach out, to help, and to understand. Maybe even untie your shoes.