Tuesday Truths

Why bring children into the world?

I recently had a conversation with a co-worker who said she, “didn’t want kids because she couldn’t protect them from the world today” and “why would you want to bring a kid into this kind of place”? For a second I almost agreed saying I didn’t want a child to see the suffering of the world today but I didn’t agree nor disagree I just continued to think about it.

Why would we bring children into this world? Is it selfish to answer that question by simply saying “because I want kids”? What really is the right answer? Later that night I found the answer. I was reading a post on Tumblr and who knows if it’s true or not but it made me have the realization about children and why we need them in the world. The story is about a sister who is tucking her 3yr old brother into bed and he notices some cuts on her wrist. Long story short he ends up saying something along the lines of “nothing is so bad that you should hurt yourself, you are worth more”. The narrator finishes by saying her brother is the reason she stopped cutting because he didn’t judge her he just loved her.


That’s why children are in this world.


Children are in the world to remind us adults of innocence. They are here to remind us of love and compassion. You won’t find someone more compassionate that a toddler discovering his stuffed animal after thinking he’s lost it. Children don’t care about what you look like or sound like or where you went to school or what you wear. They care about YOU! Why is it that children are the ones to remind us of that? Shouldn’t we as adults be the more compassionate ones? Should we be the ones teaching them how to care for others? Why does it take a little one looking past everyone’s differences to remind us that differences don’t matter?


The truth is we do the opposite. Somewhere along the way of growing up children stop caring for others and only care for themselves, they become adults. Walt Disney once said, “that’s the real problem with the world today, too many people grow up”.  And I couldn’t find him more right. I don’t think he said it in a manner of adults needing to act like children, they need to see the world as children. It’s like Peter Pan, you forget as you become an adult, you lose the magic. But in this case magic isn’t pixie dust. Real world magic is love, is compassion, is going the extra mile for someone not because you have to but because you can and because it’s your duty as a human to care.

We teach kids to see the good in people yet as adults we are told not to trust and to always believe that people are working an angle or motive of their own. We teach kids the golden rule “treat others how you want to be treated”, yet if we had to follow that rule today society wouldn’t be able to look at itself in the mirror. We try to make kids understand that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, but we as adults have put the honey in the back of the pantry as we stocked up on vinegar. Vinegar doesn’t fix the world it doesn’t protect you it burns what it touches. It kills what it touches. That’s truly what it’s used for. It’s used to clean away everything. We don’t need to clean the world of human interaction we need to attract it. We as a society need to stop for a second and take a look at the ones who haven’t been corrupted by the world yet and remember that the honey is the better choice.


photo credit: media.onsugar.com