Take A Tour!

Hi Everybody and Welcome to the First Tour of a College Students Brain:

It is an completely open tour meaning you can explore as you please but let me give you a quick over view of what each room/area holds and any warnings that go along with it.

To the back right is childhood memories and long term memories. This includes childhood toys, finger paintings, giggle attacks, Disney songs, Pokemon card stats, and the occasional deep thought. But word to the wise if you stay to long a sense of nostalgia may make you want to “stop adulting” and take a nap or even revert back to childhood itself. And folks theres nothing like seeing a grown man cry at an animated movie but lets not see it here.


To the back left you have Education Academy, it contains all the books that a college student has read and had to study from. Education Academy also contains the random fun, quirky, and strange facts that a college student remembers if you would like to avoid any of these facts being transferred to you we suggest you not open any of the books in the Education Academy. The last person to open a book couldn’t stop reciting The Preamble of The Constitution and had to be hospitalized.


On the back wall is the college students schedule you will notice that a mass majority of it is spent in classrooms and studying very rarely does a college student sleep due to the constant pressure to be better than the others around them. Warning though, trying to figure out how the student understands the schedule will only make you feel stressed and rushed for time.


In the center here you will see the Emotion Report Center, it is where all the emotional analysis happens. So it takes in everything going on and with some simple math decides what emotion a college student should be feeling. We do have system errors with the computer occasionally, many believe this is due to the fact that the college students brain is female. This is wrong however and it should be noted that all college students experience emotional analysis difficulties.giphy

In the front right room you will find creativity. This is where music, art, dancing, and new or strange thoughts occur. The creativity room is full of color and excitement, it can also be a bit messy so we do ask that you be careful where you step.We do have an interactive exhibit in the creativity room, you can paint on the walls and watch your paintings come to life. But we do ask you that since this is a family tour you keep it PG.

giphybbTo the exact opposite of the creativity room is the room of logic. There is a time limit for how long you may spend in the room of logic. The all white walls and ever changing thought can drive you to the point of sickness. Now, fun fact, every college students logic room and creativity room is a different size, shape, and color. We believe this is due to the fact that some students are more creative and some are more logical.


We do ask that everybody take a moment to stop and look up into the ceiling, this where a college students desire, drive, and aspirations are held. You will notice it is an ever changing, expanding and growing mass of color. It has often been referred to as the fastest growing desire center out of all current living generations. Please note that the reason we only let you look at the celling is because it is absolutely consuming and gives each college student their own desires and wants and we wouldn’t want any copies being made. We all saw Santa Clause 2 and how that worked out.


Alrighty folks, well enjoy the tour and please fell free to ask me questions at any time!



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