Somebody recently asked me, “What do you want?” And as my mind was focused on something else I just instinctively said “more”. Not realizing how accurate that was for my life this person continued on with the conversation, not thinking much of it. But I was now completely consumed in this thought. The thought that a single word could sum up my thoughts, hopes, and dreams so precisely. 

I want more life. I want more adventure, love, memories, wisdom, inspiration (and yes, food). I’m never content with just what’s simply in front of me. There’s always something more to understand, to think, to do, to wish for. I didn’t like where this was going. Was I greedy for always wanting more? The answer is one that, like so many others, is dependent upon the circumstance. Always wanting more good to be done in world certainly doesn’t make me feel greedy. But wanting more “career” wanting more money to travel more and buy more. Well that kinda makes me feel a little greedy. 

I told this to a different friend a few days later and he said something that changed my thought on it. “You’re allowed to want more for yourself. Simply being content means being stagnant and not growing or moving or looking towards the future and that’s never acceptable.” 

So loud and proud here it is. 

I want more. 
And you can quote me on that. 


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