Well, No Sh*t

So, normally I try not state a really hard opinion ’cause most likely it will come back to bite me in the a** but, in this moment I have to share my opinion about this. All I can say is REALLY?!

REALLY CNN?!?! If any of you have the CNN app like I do and was scrolling through it today then you just might have seen the same article I did. It’s an article with the title and I quote, “Fried Potatoes linked to ‘higher risk of death”. REALLY!? Who didn’t know this?! Who didn’t realize this simple fact. Every kid and I do mean every kid, at so point has been told they need to eat their veggies and they come back saying french fries are a veggie because it’s a potato. To which every single parent responds no it’s not, because it’s fried. I know for a fact that I can’t be the only who knew this information.

Also on a side note what scientist decided we should restudy this information. I’m not dietitian or scientist but even I can tell ya that eating a food thats been dropped in 300 degree oil and coated in salt probably isn’t the best thing for your arteries.




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